Free sound design for your project

Hi everyone!

Talented motion designers, animators and video makers often face issues with sound design for their projects. Using stock sound effects and music is an easy way, but wrong sound design might do more harm than good to the final product.

That’s why at Lineout studio we strive to draw attention to sound design as an important part of a video that visual makers should pay attention to.

We’d like to help the community as well as find a great project for us to work on! This led us to launching a great XMas offer - free custom sound design for your project!

And now we’re looking for interesting projects and invite artists to submit their works. We’ll choose one or more that we like the most and will make custom sound design for it!

You can find detailed info on this offer and submit your project here:

Looking forward to see your great videos, animations or any other visual content!

All the best,
Lineout Studio