FREE 12-month 2DFX Course

BiteyCastle 2D FX Animation Course, 12 months
For just over 10 years I ran my 2DFX course for $20/month with over 1000 members. Now it’s free. There’s 13 levels of mastery, studying some underlying forces and how to design, animate and treat them, whether 2D, 3D, traditional or digital.

There’s 197 step by step videos (21+ hours) covering everything starting from basic, progressing to complex. Many animators and well-known FX industry professionals started here and have said this course was their best start for learning FX and animation in general. I hope you like it too! – Adam Phillips – BiteyCastle - BCAFX Course


HI, I’m sorry to disturb you. I want to see the course you released, but I can’t download it. If possible, I hope you can give me a new connection.

Hi, sorry you’re having trouble, there have been no other reports of this issue. Since the announcement there has been over 100 sales and 1200 downloads. Perhaps it is your browser? The link in my post contains the Gumroad link that says “Download it from my Gumroad”. That is the download page. Good luck!

Oh! Thank you very much for reminding me that it is a browser problem. :partying_face: