Finally UNITY 5.5 ! great improvement with particles


Lights, turbulence, trails … Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :smile:

I’m hesitant to update, is it really as bug-ridden as the comments on the blog make it appear?

Haven’t encountered many bugs so far, and the ones I had were mostly just little interface glitches, nothing more. But as with any release, I’d probably recommend waiting a bit before diving in, just to be safe. :slight_smile:


I think the artist tools and particle themselves are probably in good shape for testing out the new tools, maybe currently not a few thirdparty plug-ins. But there are probably bigger bugs specific to chain linked production related aspects.

So if you are mid-production, maybe wait on updating :stuck_out_tongue:

And CC0 rights to some nice fx flipbooks.


wow, those are nice ones!

omg … nice … Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: