Final version for the new weapon, Blessing of Hephaestus, in my side-project

This is my first post here so I’m not quite sure if posts like these are permitted, but I wanted to show the VFX for the newly added weapon in my side-project.

How does it look and feel? Feedback is highly appreciated

Edit: Link

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I keep getting a TimeoutExceeded error message when I try to upload the GIF. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

do it on ?

Good idea - don’t know why I didn’t think about that… Thank you!

Welcome BoNyby!

The attack is looking cool, though feels a bit slow and could stand out more towards the other effects.

  • To make it more snappy, on arrival quickly fade the whole trail or speed up the dissolve.

  • Keeping the glowing white but add another colour to the mix to differentiate more from the flashing effects for creatures appearing.

I had to watch it quite a few times to understand what’s going on, the main character is quite hard to spot and the enemies’ spawning effect is so intense (and in the same value range of the weapon effects) that draws all the attention to them. The background has some really high frequency contrast too, which muddles things up a bit imo.
I feel that by addressing these readability issues your weapon effects will feel better from the get go, and you’ll be in a better position to polish them further :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback!

I’ll look into the timing of the fading in the end - I hadn’t noticed the difference in speed, which is a great point!

The current enemy spawning animation is temporary and is due to change in the future. This will hopefully clear the the screen a bit from the bright effects.

I’ve had quite a few people point out the difficulty spotting the character. I think it’s partly because of the lack of context in the GIF as well as some blatant contrast issues - I’ll definitely look into it!

As mentioned in my response to Dom, the spawn effect for the enemies are due to change and will hopefully make the action a bit clearer.

What exactly do you mean by “high frequency contrast” in the background?

Thank you for your feedback, it’s appreciated :slight_smile:

eg. if you keep the darkest and brightest tones for the characters and do cap the value range of the environment inbetween, you can increase the readability quite some bit


What Dom said! Riot’s VFX style guide goes over this:

Ah okay, I get it. Thank you for the suggestion, that’s a great idea! I’ll play around with it a bit

This is a great guide - thank you!