Features - Markdown codes, mentions, emojis, and videos

Below are a couple of the more advanced features that this forum supports.

#Use “markdown codes” to format your posts
If you click a link on the formatting bar when adding a post you’ll see some weird codes appear in the text. These are called “markdown codes.” Take a look at this page95 to learn the markdown codes you can use here in your posts - it’s incredibly powerful yet quick and easy once you get the hang of it.

#Use @name to mention someone to make sure they see your post
As has been standardized on the interwebs, it’s possible here to mention someone to get their attention and make sure they see your post. They will get a notification. Type @ and start typing their name or username and discourse will autocomplete. So @tobiaseigen will make sure I get it. You can also mention a group in the same way and it will automagically mention everyone in the group.

#Use “emoji” smileys to embellish your posts :sunny: :blue_book: :arrow_double_up: :taco:
To trigger emoji autocomplete, start typing a : colon then some characters. Hundreds of emoji are available.

#Embed a video in your post.
Just stick the URL of a youtube or vimeo video on a line by itself and it will automatically be embedded in your post. This link https://youtu.be/QwoghxwETng?t=1m33s on its own line produces this:

(Slow-Mo Guys: Fire Tornado)

#Embed an anonymous poll in your post
Make your topic title start with "Poll: " and include a list in your post. The first list will be used as your options