Ever found any real footage of a "ball lightning"?

Bit of an odd question, though vfx-ish related I can understand its too offtopic and can be deleted if an admin deems it too OT.

As a kid my grandparents told me stories of an “Ball Lightning” hurling trough the living room, and I am sure others have heard related urban legend-esque stories about it.

And over the past years I have been trying to find any footage of it, for well… vfx related reasons.
Obviously I can just go creative and design something that I think would be an orb lightning but still…
I wonder if anybody ever saw any real footage, or at least heard similar stories from friends or relatives.

Additionally, ever made a vfx that is related to ball lightning? show us!
Also: inb4 plasma ball lamp video/photos :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m interested too! My great-grandmother kept telling me about her witnessing that phenomenon, but I’ve never found any good footage of it… If anyone has it, I’ll be grateful !

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Not really a ball lightning, but it… comes sort of close.

would love an extreme closeup at ultra slowmotion of something like that.

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I think because it’s so rare, no one is ever prepared for it with their phones out. I’ve heard of it passing through plane cabins, but never witnessed or seen video of it

Science still doesn’t know exactly what ball lightning is, there wasn’t even a consensus that it was a real phenomenon until quite recently. As such the best you’ll find online is random videos of bright points of light in the distance (similar to a lot of UFO videos … purely coincidentally in sure), or videos of plasma balls being created by various means. The easiest way to accomplish this is by microwaving grapes.

No really.

Currently scientists are only mostly sure ball lightning is some form of semi-stable plasma just by virtue of not knowing any other way for bright light to appear in mid air for that length of time, though even plasma balls don’t last that long in the lab with out other factors helping to"power" it. We don’t yet know exactly what causes them assuming they are plasma. Science has acknowledged and studied jets, sprites, and elves for much longer and we still don’t have s great grasp on those.

Again, no really, elves.


“can we get funding for studying elves?”
“Rather study hobbits, but yea… we can get funding”
what a weird world we live in.

Speaking about the fairies/sprites/elves though, I think it was my biology teacher who told me that before they knew what fireflies & glowworms where (among other bioluminescent creatures) they where seen as fairlies, sprites, etc.

Everyone who has seen it has been killed by Kennen before they could get any footage.


I can still hear that laugh…