Eve Online: Ascension - New Explosions

Now that these are released, I figured I’d post some of the stuff I’ve been working on, namely, new explosions for EVE Online.

Couple notes:

  • The explosions consist mostly of regular mesh based effects, motionparticles/optical flow and regular particles, as well as flares.

  • We made it so that when a ship explodes it picks a random explosion from a bucket, where one explosion might have more chance from another explosion to happen, so as to give some explosions rarity, and make it more special when those then happen.

  • Local explosions along ship hulls, these happen somewhat exponentially faster across the hull.

  • We have spaceships ranging in size and length similar to a regular bus to 14 kilometers (8.6 miles) long titans, across 190+ unique ship hulls. so applying and making new explosions fit to that, not to mention all the environment assets, was a bit of a challenge.

  • Tried giving them a more space-y look than just regular earthlike explosions.

I also had the chance to do a small presentation about them in the art panel at Eve Vegas.
There was so much tech talk I had to cut out of this presentation to make it less boring and more towards the average eve player/gamer, I could’ve blathered on for at least an hour about this stuff.


Woaw, right when I’m playing it. I played through the tutorial not long ago, and I found those explosions to be the shiniest I’ve seen in a while, and they’re what keep me playing. Awesome job! :slight_smile:

I’m not that versed into EvE yet, but I particularly liked the "micro-"explosions happening on a very large ship’s hull, then leading to a huge boom. It was a great experience. :smiley:

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Beautiful work! Love the super wide shots. 1:11 is so gooood!

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I’m glad to hear you’re liking it, we were hoping that the serial explosions leading to a big explosion would feel good! and hopefully make you want to blow up some more :grin:


It sure made me want to blow things up a lot more. :smiley:


These explosions are fantastic! Awesome work! They look great in the cool space atmospheres as well, really highlights them.

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Love those shockwaves! Also love the way you have those small explosions climb the ship. Then you have the buzzing areas around the ships powercore grow and grow untill BOOM. Feels so cool and spacey!

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Phenomenal Work! Thanks for posting the tips and presentation. Would love to try creating one. Differentiating between space and earth like explosion requires some special skills and Eve Online is presenting right what is required i guess. Great work

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