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Tutorial, but in Russian language


This phoenix was made using imn nam tutorial and then deleted

Without bloom ^


Ice without any texture (snow texture doesn’t count :yum:)

I want to make it toon, so…


I drew it for myself before bedtime so as not to forget. The idea was like that:

But doing through different variants, I came to this:

Snow is not flat.


My way to beautiful ice:

What? I made crystals?

So bright…

Now good :sweat_smile:

And final vesion :sweat_smile::


Simple Healing VFX


I love the motion of the slashes, but I dont really get the feeling of “healing”. Maybe reduce the speed of the slashes that emit from the character, making it more elegant.

Yet it seems to me that quick slashes are better. I wonder what others will say.

P.S. Oh no no no… I put a quick slash in the new version of the effect and it looks awful.

If the plus signs wouldn’t be there and you wouldn’t say it’s a healing effect I would say it’s more like some demonic spell cutting me to pieces. :smiley: I think some more subtle, less sharp shapes would be better. Also maybe the colors have too much value. Everything is too bright. But maybe that’s just me.

Thanks for the advice, redid it.


Black hole explosion

And some old VFX:


Working on something interesting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks sick!!!
How do you get this clean zelda the windwaker ish water look?

Hi, what mean sick? Illness?
Experience comes with practice. I made a tutorial a year and a half ago: The effect in this tutorial is not perfect, because I created it in a hurry, there are a lot of mistakes, and the effect itself is not very optimized.

Later, I redid this effect and laid it out on the patreon. There are no errors here, only 1 texture is used and 1 shader for everything. But still not suitable for the phone, I used a lot of polygons:

Now I have done everything much easier, water splashes on ground is a simple mesh that rises up. For this, the size is increased from 0 to 1 and back. Water is just a cylinder and a cone. For this effect, I use the same shader as for the rest, only I had to write another shader for the main water effect. It was very difficult to create a suitable texture for the water:

And I didn’t want to make this effect look like in Zelda. Just wanted to make it toon.


I’d guess masked material and solid colors w/ strong contrast in the texture for clean lines, or maybe some kind of clamp in the material

Done!:star_struck: Sharks are so cute image image


There is an idea to make an effect with a shark, when it bites, it becomes red with blood, with the next bite it hits with a powerful attack.
P.S. Oh … the sketch #21 ends today … then I will do another effect =/

What I meant with " Looks sick!!" was that I really like the effect haha. I sometimes forget that the exact translation from my mother language to english doesnt work.

Thanks a lot for the links :smiley:, whenever Im gonna start creating water I’ll check it out!

In this context, “sick” means cool or awesome… it’s a good thing. Yes I know that sick is conventionally a bad thing, but welcome to the English language. :stuck_out_tongue: Where the words are probably borrowed from another language, and the rules exist unless when they don’t and even then I’m not too sure.

It’s a slang usage, which in pretty much any language is always an advanced thing. Case and Point: I might as well mention that your effects are hella jive! 4-sho, I really dig a fair share of your effects. Your work is hella juiced, that jive be wicked groovy. I’ve got to bail in a new york minute, so I hope for you the best with your VFX! :yum:

Yeet! … ¯\(ツ)


Over 999 changing were applied to make slash texture I wanted :tired_face: