Enemy Hit Collisions and Hit Decals

Hey Crew! I’m starting to create damage effects on enemies and am having an issue visualizing the appropriate path to creating decent collision detection on a curved mesh. Most importantly I have particle decals that are supposed to spawn as a hit spot on the enemy but

  1. The general collider geometry available in a blueprint aren’t good enough to get a close mesh resemblance.
  2. Adding a collision directly to the mesh doesn’t do a good job unless I jack all the angles and vertices up. Not sure of the performance hit here.
  3. How does one make the particle decals stay on the modal when the enemy is in motion?

Model and General Box Collider that doesn’t work well at all for the decals:

привет, я не уверен, но возможно эта тема тебе поможет Electric bullet blast effect that adjusts to mesh shape - Real Time VFX

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