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Hi everyone! Been trying so many times to start this thread, but some pandemic happens, mess everything around everybody and don’t let me do nothing.

But today is the DAY! I started this thread to post so many things flowing inside my head (and my hard drive too), trying to be more active n net and don’t let loss all my WIPs, experiments, etc. in some parallel universe.

CC, tips and everything is welcome. Don’t be shy to ask if you see something interesting.

GIF Update


ok, my really very first post here (the other one was just for warm the thread).

I have some free days this month and I will be focus in a study case, sea storm scenary (annd the janga challenge!).

I have been writing the shader in HLSL and here my first approach.


HD video : WIP - Sea Storm Study Case - 1st approach on Vimeo

I was surfing the web and shadertoy.com, this a very inspirational site, totally recommend it. I had this one on my favorite list, a procedural noise and colors function, so I did some modifications and created my own customizable sea. The next steps are add depth camera and planar reflection, actor(maybe a boat), thunders, clouds, rain… etc etc etc!)

Shadertoy : Shader - Shadertoy BETA

be back soon!


spooky 2D practice #vfxtober