Double side mesh in Maya for Unity

Hello guys, Very basic question. I have this curve geometry in maya but when i trying to use it in Unity one side of the geometry are not visible. I dont know how to make double sided mesh, tutorials in web says how to create two sided material in Maya but im gonna use custom shader material in Unity for this geometry so i dont know is there will any conflicts beetwen two materials in Unity. Please help.

there are two solutions

  1. in (3d package) you model it double-sided
  • duplicate mesh in maya
  • flip the duplicates normals
  • combine/weld it with the other so it is one mesh (x2 the geo since it is double-sided)
  1. (my preference) use a shader with the property Cull : Off
    the desired shader can be copied but change the property declared in the basic structure ‘Cull’