Does anyone have a workflow for updating Material Layer Parameters at Runtime?

I have no problem updating Normal Global Group Material parameters at runtime through Dynamic Material Instances.

I am NOT able to update any Layer Parameter through Dynamic Material Instances at Runtime.

  • Are layer parameters even meant to be changed at Runtime?
  • Is there a special node to call other than “Set Scalar/Vector Parameter”?
  • Is there a special version of the Dynamic Material Instance OR a setting I’m missing to support Layer Parameters?
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Weird, seems like this should work…
If you only need to manipulate a few parameters, you can always make them MaterialParameterCollection parameters. That should work as a workaround.


Woah. Let me try this when I get home. Is this how you are supposed to do it, or should it work the other way as well and this is an alternate way?

You can use material.parameter collection, that will be bit easier to use in blueprint but keep in mind it will change the parameter for all places at same time.