Details, details!

Have you ever worked on something for a while that ended up being super small and insignificant… but you’re still weirdly proud of your tiny, tiny accomplishment?

This is my favorite effect I made for Injustice 2 :joy: :sweat_smile: I posted it on my twitter yesterday, but people seemed to like it so I thought I’d post it here too!

(If you’re interested in seeing the rest of the scene, it’s on youtube! I tell you what, those NetherRealm folks are so dang talented! It was awesome to have the opportunity to work with them :slight_smile:)

Turnabout is fair play - I wanna see your favorite tiny details! Show me something you made or something you just like a lot that is small or subtle.


Looks awesome! I love the VFX in Injustice 2 so great job!
Any nice breakdown if its posible will be great ><

I can’t provide a capture right now but in Dishonored 2, I’ve filled boiling pans with steaming boiling soup and vegetable. If you hit the pan, the vegetable slices fly off and a soup decal spreads out.
A lot of energy for a pot of soup that not even 1 % of the players must be hitting. It was fun to make though !


That is the BEST. I totally spent like two weeks on a stream of coffee pouring out of a pot for [REDACTED]. :grin:

Thanks! It’s nothing too crazy. The beam is a cone mesh with a material that uses depth and camera distance to lerp between white hot and a panning orangey-red texture, then a UV distortion over the whole thing to wibble the edge of his mesh a bit. Plus regular particle fodder. :slight_smile:


Way back in 2005, I did the VFX for Rise of the Kasai on the PlayStation 2. The hardware was super limited by today’s standards. Our big breakthrough on the title was to prerender some of our large VFX and play them back on a poly in game. The result was that some VFX in game during runtime looked to be using thousands of particles, when in reality it was a movie playing on a card.

I remember showing it at E3, and getting approached by other artists, wondering how we were doing so many particles at runtime.

VFX are all a big cheat, and whatever looks right, is right.


Thanks!!! I’ll try to recreate it, love it c:

Fishes is another one.

There are meshes with an infinite lifetime because I couldn’t have them fade in and out with a lifetime, it wouldn’t have felt right.
I struggled a bit to find the right balance to make them move and yet remain within the field of influence of my attractor. At first you would sometimes see one of those flying through the level, having declared freedom and escaped the attractor.


I worked on the sacks of grain in the marketplace shootout in Uncharted 4. Neilan Naicker did the animation/rig for the sack, and I provided the particles. When the sacks get shot a stream of grain spills from a hole on either side of the sack, and a pile of grain grows from the stream hitting the ground. It was a lot of work for something most people probably didn’t notice, but it felt pretty good getting it all working.


I remember seeing first gameplays and these sacks were something that immediately caught my attention. It was a really nice touch and Uncharted is just full of them. That’s what makes this game really unique.

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HAH that’s amazing XD I love hearing details like this

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I remembered seeing this in the preview footage for this game! I thought it was such a good marriage of gameplay with vfx to have something as gamey as “timed cover” match with such a good physical metaphor! The leaking grain feels so natural and intuitive, it definitely did not go unappreciated!