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Hey all,

I am attempting to recreate an effect i love from Destiny 2, specifically its a space rip/tear that appears around the Taken.

Here is my current attempt (The texture is a placeholder).


I am happy with the shapes being generated but i would like to understand how i could achieve the glowing edges found in the original here.

There are many different parts to this effect i would like to recreate but for now i am mostly interested in the glowing edges. Here is the node graph for the current attempt. I would love some advice on this one!

Any help or guides you know of would be greatly appreciated!



Don’t use an if, instead smoothstep through your clamped texture twice.
Once to create the same mask that you have right now, and another to make one a few pixels larger.
Then subtract the smaller one from the larger one and use it to drive your glow colour. add that to your end result.

Theres other solutions, that is just the one that I found to give me the most pleasing results while being relatively cheap :smiley:


@Niels is right about the if statement you want to avoid them unless absolutely necessary, an easy way to get your alpha is to use a ceil() after your threshold subtraction, and for the edges you can sample the gradient at zero and divide by a thickness value to generate the edge, this way you can control the gradient falloff on the edge as well.


@DeepSpaceBanana @Niels

Thank you both very much for your replies they are both so very helpful! Im glad i have a way to avoid if statements for things like this now! My graphics teacher would scold me for introducing branching within a shader haha!

I’m going to applies these now and see where i get

@DeepSpaceBanana @Niels

Thanks for the advice again guys ive updated the material and its now more on the right path!

Poor quality but you get the idea!



Cool, now just use more then one noise and average the results.
After that it’s just prettiefying :smiley:

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Any suggestions on how this could be applied to a single texture?

Looking at some UI component and want to seperate the edge of my texture.

My texture is a stencil of some letters.

This should work with any form of gradient, so If you have a gradient version of your Font, it should just work, unless I am misunderstanding what you mean.

Ahh I think this is the wall I hit. The text is solid white, without any gradient. I was trying to do it with those variables and or looking for a way to replicate it with a solid alpha.

cool way for edge glow … i use another way for that…

I was hoping I could have a copy of the effect for personal use if that is ok? So with that said can I have a copy of the file without the back ground, just the effect please?

Hey there Lightince,

Sadly I dont have this file anymore, this was in a playground I had setup for transient projects, im sure it was deleted shortly after this post. If I can find the file again ill send it over to you.

My original post does have the material graph though, so you could recreate it from that. I dont recall there being many specific material settings I needed.

Also I’m not sure what the background is you are talking about. If you building behind the effect, that is the default UE4 HDR background

Ok, I wanted it because I recreated the taken for D&D 5e and was hoping to add some of that material around in areas to unleash the taken which I refer to as Darken in my D&D world.

Since it would seem you don’t have this anymore, any advice on how to make this myself (I have almost everything from the space nodes image just I keep having issues with the threshold, mask, 1, 2, if, and anything that is reliant on those items to produce a result. Also where do I put the shader?