Depricated from Unity3D Asset store

I purchased the PopcornFX Particle Effects Plugin on the Unity asset store a couple years ago. I just went to work with it and found its deprecated. Is my purchase no longer recognized? Or can I get my license transferred to the currently supported version?


This is neither the forum for Persistant (makers of PopcornFX) nor Unity, so I’m not sure what kind of help you’re expecting to get here.

That’s interesting since the PopcornFX web site has a support link to this sites forum:

Under the menu item 'Community/Forums Real Time VFX
Sure does make it look like the same company.
Yes, the link says ‘Real Time VFX’ and not PopcornFX. But still throws confusion into the ring. Wonder what that link is for then?
I see another link there ‘Answers’ that points to a Q&A. I’ll try posting there.

Hi guys,

Apologies for the confusion regarding our website.
We will make it more explicit that real-time VFX is an external community.
Since we don’t own a forum, we added this link to our website so users can get help from the awesome RTVFX community when creating effects as some artists here are using PopcornFX :slight_smile: