David Ramos - VFX Reel 2019

Hi everyone!

This is my first post here and I’d like to share with you guys my current VFX Reel in Unreal.

The biggest inspiration for this work comes from the amazing job done by the VFX chinese community, and especially the work of Cokey Li.
In that regard, it might be more accurate to actually consider it a VFX study.

I spent about 7 months on the side to put this reel together and, like many of you I imagine, spent countless hours watching reels, gifs and dissecting the work done by those guys.

There are definitely things to improve in terms of timing, purpose and general aesthetics of the effects, but I call it a go for the time being.

I’d love to get your comments and feedback.


Thanks much!


Cool stuff!

Looks veey CGJoy-esque! :sparkles:

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Thanks man! Happy you like it.

good work…i like water effect.

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Thanks for sharing your work David.
For your effects, was this through sequencer or at run-time? I was curious about your bird at 0:11 and how you animated it as part of the effect. I’m similarly dissecting some of those chinese effects myself.
P.S. @cghow you make super cool tutorials - keep up the great work!

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Hey Travis!

Yes you are right, I’m using sequencer for the phoenix. I keep it hidden until the summoning happens and turns its visibility to true.
Actually most of those effects use sequencer in one way or another. Now I could have scripted it in blueprints but it was more convenient this way.

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