Dark/Night theme

Hi, would it be possible to add some sort of darker theme to site? While I understand that the site is inherently brilliant and illuminating it’s wearing my poor eyes out!


I second this! I can feel myself getting a tan just by opening this webpage.

On a serious note. I legitimately get a headache from white backgrounds. Though, there are chrome apps out there to invert website backgrounds. It can just be a little bit ugly. The websites looking super snazzy though guys. Nice job!

Light / Dark is a super contentious issue, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before it was brought up (personally I’m the exact opposite of you - hate reading light text on a dark background, but I know plenty of people on both sides). I’m exploring a few options, but I wanted to probe a little deeper for your thoughts on one thing:

If you go to the general category (http://www.realtimevfx.com/c/General), you’ll notice that we have a soft vignette background here. Does this help? Is this an opportunity to place a less contrasting image on the background?

I’ve actually made a few dark css themes for this page, but we don’t have a user option to choose theme type (Can probably make one). However, if we commit to this, it won’t affect background images, so we’d probably need to cut them. I’ll start exploring building a user switch tonight.


Personally I feel like yes the link does help on eye strain. That said I’d still much prefer another theme. At least as an option. I love what’s going on, and plan to continue and spend much time here. I stare at monitors at kinda all times of every day between work and home. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing what happens.

The more I think about it the more I want to support this.
We’ll find a way!


Spotify has a pretty good dark scheme, if you need a reference, see: Spotify

Just to keep everyone posted, our programmers are looking into the feasibility of this, but from my discussions with the discourse team, it might be tough. Discourse is interested in supporting it in the vanilla build sometime in the future, but they couldn’t give me an eta or a commitment.

Still spending some solid energy on finding a worthy solution for this though!


Subtle grey shifts go a long way as seen here. It’s a bit easier on the eyes than black and white. :sunglasses:

Great to hear, thanks for your efforts!

I’m totally with the people who want a dark theme (anytime there is an option, I switch to the darker theme), but the vignette is SUCH an improvement! A middle ground doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all if we can’t have options :slight_smile:

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When I’m laying in bed and I open pages like this on my ipad, it interferes with my sleep! Too much blue!
(yes i have the nightmode turned on fully and dimmed to 0.) :smiley:

(It interferes with sleep because it’s all very interesting too.)

I love the light theme direction but in my opinion if you take the “Apple” website guidelines , just make the top UI header and the comment-squares darker . the problem is the pure white not the light grey.

let me know if I was clear :slight_smile:

try to invert the background color with the comments and the top header. in my opinion should release the eye pressure since the focus is on the texts areas

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Just wanted to note that for immediate changes plugins like this could be helpful: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/invert-page-colors/hjhdnhiofjddcapmffbllcpaodjmdphn?utm_source=gmail

Just wanted to post an update here as well - I’m going to take the server down for some maintenance this weekend and fix several bugs (correct scheduled announcement coming soon). I don’t have a functional “allow the user to choose a dark or light theme” option working yet, but I do have a more mid-toned theme setup that I think will be less offensive.

Thanks for all the feedback so far everyone! Progress coming soon, and then I’d love more input! (Our programmer is still exploring the user selection option)


I’d also love to see a dark theme.

Worst case you can add a dark stylish (a chrome plugin) setup.
Sadly I have no clue how to do it. this is the only page that I watch regularly that doesnt have a dark-theme so whenever its open I feel like: https://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-static/static/2015-04/28/13/enhanced/webdr13/anigif_enhanced-6134-1430241347-11.gif


haha i’ve been meaning to ask for this fora long time, I always find it less strainful on the eyes when it’s white text on a dark background. More sites need to use a dark theme imo.