Dabo: Sketch #3

Each of the WIPS is available in the following foldouts, and the final version is in the subsequent reply.

Version 03

I’ve made some more changes today, mainly around color.

  • I was leaning a bit too much into pink, so I added in some complementary accents, and darkened the smoke to a purple
  • Added a core mesh to the flame build up in his mouth, and moved the glow forward to cut down on the intersection
  • Added some wind up to his tail to help with the “squash”
  • Added some follow through motion to the smoke to help sell the directional impact
  • Added some smoke/sparkles behind the falling rook to reduce the “comped in” feel that was going on
  • Various timing and sizing changes

Still a bit left to do, but I think it’s in better shape than yesterday!


Version 02

I’ve done a pass on most of the effects elements, as well as tweaked some arcs and timing in the animation:
Some notes:

  • I’m struggling quite a bit with the smoke, as it’s quickly turning into a blurry mess.
  • I sidestepped the Unity Trail Renderers by using an imported mesh for the smoke trail off screen left. I may wind up using a similar approach on the projectile flame trail. My gratitude to @Karha for his help with my trail shader issues.
  • I’m still pretty luke warm on the whole effect. I’m hopeful that I can reign it in and give it more character & clarity.
  • I’d like to add some impact residuum to the rook, likely with another shader
  • My depth of field is blurring out my transparent effects(due to zwrite = off, possibly?), so I may cut that as a goal.

Nothing crazy going on, but here is a detail gif of the trail mesh. There’s some noisy vertex wobble on World Pos Y, and it’s set up to be keyable for some more fine tuned (fake) gravity control

As always, any thoughts/tips are welcome!


Version 01

Hello again!

I’m taking a crack at (faerie) dragon’s breath this week. I’ve spent the last few days on the modeling/rigging/animation & blockout, and am starting the vfx shortly.


I’m hoping the sequence will be a good opportunity to practice the following:

  • Trail Rendering - from a projectile, and from the dragons nose as he flies off screen
  • Soulercoasters - to give some character for the impact poof as the Rook is hit by projectile
  • Spritesheets - Pixie dust sparkles for some clouds
  • Macro Shot - Trying to convey a small size through lens treatment & context ( I’ve added some intense depth of field, and will be modeling a few more chess pieces, but any suggestions are greatly appreciated!)

For reference:
ref_fire - Core projectile treatment
ref_smokeImpact - Impact smoke triggered on Rook
ref_pixieDust - Pixie dust to layer in on the smoke and trails

- Smoke trail for projectile, dragon nose, and possibly Rook

Sidenote - I think I’m going to spend less time on character work and more time on vfx moving forward :stuck_out_tongue:



I think I’ll wrap this up and move onto an other effect! Here is where I ended up:

The main difference is the set, but I also added in a bit of residue on the rook.



The final smoke is looking better aswell! Nice progress ^^

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Thank you!

I think changing to Random Between Two Start Colors for the smoke helped with the depth a bit. I set the second color to something darker and more saturated.

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Thank you!
Ricardo Mendes(ricmage)

Hey Ricardo!

I’m not up to speed on Unreal, but have you checked out the resources section of this site ( https://realtimevfx.com/c/Resources/ )? There’s are some top notch Unreal artists here, and they have shared quite a few free resources. Also, don’t forget to check out the “Sketchbook”/“Personal Work” threads on this site, the artists often break down their workflows.

As for paid training, I know vfxapprentice.com is well regarded. I took part in the Booms and Blasts course really enjoyed it. I have not yet signed up for the latest course yet, but plan to when money is less tight. They cover unreal engine in both of those courses, and there has been the option for 1 on 1 review sessions with the instructor.

Best of luck with your education!

Oww, Thank you very much Dabo, i will try these.
Ricardo Mendes(ricmage)