Cyber Train Fx ( PopcornFX v2 )

Hey, time for me to post a bit :sunglasses:

I am currently starting a new project using PopcornFx v2.
The idea is to go for a mix between an old steam train and a futuristic look.

Here is my main ref :

Here is where I am starting from :

As I progress, I will keep you guys updated with more visuals and in-depth views of my node graphs :sunny:


Will be looking forward to see how this goes!


Ayo !

Had to do other things before going back to this effect, but now I’m on it :slight_smile:

Here is a little update of what I added :

PopcornFX :

  1. Shimney smoke.
  2. Rails shards.
  3. Portal mesh & effect + calculation of the distance between the portal’s position and the train’s position.
  4. Morph (logo & plexus).

UE4 :

  1. Imported the effect from PopcornFX.
  2. Created a dissolve material function.
  3. Used the previous material function to create a simple dissolve material.
  4. Modified the PopcornFX material of the train with the dissolve material (The dissolve is done based of the result of the distance calculation previously done in PopcornFX).

Here are my node graphs :

Root :

Train :

Smoke :

Shards :

Explosion (particles going through the portal & morphing to the pkfx logo ) :

Portal :

Plexus :

Here is the early UE4 look :