Cora : VFX Sketch #57 : Animated


Here my submission for the challenge. Thanks to Niels, Devin (concept artist), Niloofar and Jonathan, It was pretty fun. I’m an aspiring vfx artist and I’m still learning so feel free to leave a comment or tips about how to improve it.

Better quality here :

Hi there,
First time to post on RT VFX and it’s also the first time I participe to this event.
I was about to begin to work on a concept (with the artist’s consent of course) and I saw the vfx sketch #57 subject. So I will try to combine both !

Here you will find the concepts that I will take inspiration from (made by Devin Yang) and the twirk that I choose to made to better fit to the subject.

Credits :
Devin Yang :


Hello again there !
Okay. I juste finished the block-out and I also began to work on a few Master Materials and meshes that I need, in order to better visualise the timing. It may change a bit depending on the result and the remaining time I have to work on it, but here we go.



what engine is this if may I ask thanks

Hi !
I’m using Unreal Engine 5.0 for this one ^^
Substance and Photoshop for the texture and Blender for my meshes.

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thank you so much miss

Hello !
Some advancement on this little journey.
After the block in (block out?), I realize that there was some elements in my composition that didn’t seem to work out regarding the general effect I want. So I took some notes about it in case I was right.
Here you go.

Then I began to work the scene’s lights a little bit, place all my color on the vfx, add some details in the composition, made some little retiming. And voila :


Better resolution here :

Next step will be to refine it a little bit : add some distortion/displacement, replacing my sparks, adding decals for the impacts, a little bit of dust, maybe some color adjustment and I will also try to find how postFX works.

If you have any advice of how to improve it (or how to upload a gif with better quality here…), feel free to do so. Thanks !


Hello hello !
After a little bit of research today was interesting. I wanted to try Postvfx effect on the camera. I never did it in the past and was curious how it works. So here a little sneak peak of my sequencer where I manage everything before rendering it thanks to Movie render queue.

For the vfx Itself I add some decals, I also add the distortion and I decide to polish everything a little bit (recentering a texture) learning a little bit more about substance designer by doing the decal’s texture on it. And in the same time I learned how to do decals thanks to Enrique Ventura’s video on the subject :



Okay. I hope to finish it tonight ^^

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Hey! You can use this to convert video to gif to help get better quality gifs - that or feel free to just upload to youtube and post the link ^^

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Thanks a lot !
It’s indeed much more simple than what I was doing !

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