Combining VFX Worlds (Question and Discussion)

I’ve always wonder if it was possible for Video game Visual Effects can blend well with Film/Cutscenes?
This idea always lurked in my head for something I wanted to try to accomplish when I get into the industry. I’ve just don’t know if it’s possible, in a quick and easy way.

I’ve seen some interesting VFX when it comes to implementing 3D VFX into a 2D film, or breaking boundaries of 2D Animations have 3D backgrounds.

3D Map/Background 2D Animation


But not so much for game VFX in a Film type environment. with that being said, I had an idea of how something like this would be accomplish, but I need to know if it’s possible for these programs allow it.

My knowledge of UE4 is quite slim but I do know you can import models, animations and others things into UE4. But is it possible to do it vise versa?
Export a UE4 custom VFX into maya, to use as a flipbook or something?

Unfortunately I don’t know a clean way of doing that. But there is a way to record high resolution in Unreal. Maybe if you record your FX, you can then import the images into Photoshop and create a sprite sheet from there for a flipbook? This is all just guess work, I’m not sure how it would work out.