Combine Pyrotechnics and Realtime VFX

Hello there!

I have this idea in my head for some time (Business Idea for Freelancing/Independent Work) and would love to hear your opinion on this…:

I want to become a pyro technician and combine this skill with real time FX to offer customers a unique and coherent set of skills. Being able to prepare real life fireworks, getting to know explosive material in general with associated safety regulations and mixing this with digital effects sounds extremely sexy in my head. For example, let’s say a studio creates a shot via virtual production in unreal, but has another scene without virtual production and this time they prefer real pyro. I could prepare/setup the real-life effects for movies but also work on the digital assets. This is just an example; I hope you understand where I’m trying to go with this. Do you think this would be a nice business model or rather “overkill” and nobody really cares for that mix of skills? I’m living in central Europe and a pyrotechnician certificate on its own probably isn’t really suitable for a fulltime career + the certificate is quite the investment… but combining VFX Art and Pyrotechnics could be something outstanding.

What do you think? Thank you!


My first impression is that sounds like a very niche crossover, even if the subject matter of fireworks looks like a connection between both careers, I’m not sure there’s a lot of value in having the same person/team doing the VFX fireworks and the real fireworks instead of two different specialists working together… but as a disclaimer: I’m completely outside your target industry so I’m just thinking out loud :sweat_smile:

yeah I’m trying to figure out if this is actually something that creates value for the industries.
Thanks for your input, I appreciate your thoughts on this :slight_smile: