Collective Pinterest for VFX References

Hello people,

First of all If we have something like that my mistake I didn’t see it.

I thought that could be nice have a collective Pinterest where all the people could put references.
We can discuss here what boards we want to create and the best organization.
Today I created that account as a test (First I tried with a Pinterest Community but you can’t create boards).
All the boards are open and you can request access to edit and add pins, and we can manage from the realtime forums the best organization and see if it’s working that way.

If you think of better ways/platforms to create/manage the references, don’t hesitate to share it.
I think that will be beneficial for the community have a big reference place


In light of another platform, my team and I are currently building a website dedicated to real time vfx.

One of the core features of this website will be the ability to tag, organize, favorite, and post references collectively as a userbase. ~3 months away. This idea was pitched to me by @simonschreibt and we’re excited to have it launch soon.


Wow that looks really interesting.
Create a collective Pinterest don’t have sense If you are making a website specially for VFX references.
If you need it I will be happy to give you a hand

Can’t wait for this!
Pinterest has horrible UI and no tagging. Raindrop has nice tagging but is horrible to use in collaboration with others (and doesn’t seem to be actively developed).


You’re joking.

Are you TRYING to be the forum Q? I think you’re trying to be a forum Q. Is having a tech artiest for tech artists meta?

Geeze. You’re awesome.

I got my refboard organised using the categories, it’s not perfect, but I manage to find my ref pretty easily when I’m looking for something.

Here is my board - unorganized and dirty xD