Clément Bartuzzo - Sketch #60: Earth Bender


Final entry :

Starting Point

Hi everyone. First participating and first post.

The start idea was to make the character create a wall and then it will be destroyed into some shard.


First thing I did was making the meshes for the wall.
Used blender for the base mesh and put them together.

Did a bit of sculpting with Zbrush and baked it on the low poly one.

The texture simpled one using basic Substance painter noise and curvature.


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Hey, added the shard animation.

I’m using velocity and collision for the animation

and added a custom node to oriant the shard mesh at the impact.

I did a little mesh for the impact and added it to the effect using the event handler thing.

It will be Interesting to see a glow from the stones during cracking :face_with_monocle:

Do you mean a glow from the cracks (I wanted to make it like “fire cracks”, right now its juste some noise one the UV with a color) or more like a fresnel glow on the entire object ?

Hey, time to add some impact to the effect, so I will use decals for it.
For the texture I baked a mesh made in Zbrush on a plane in painter and make an opacity map in photoshop

I also added some smoke to it. The simulation was done on houdini.

The same as you draw is interesting to see as an effect :grinning:

I added the animations for the effect. I’m really not a professional animator but I wanted to do everything for this effect, I used Cascadeur for all animation.

The first one is a kick for the wall spawn.

And the seconde a punch for the moment the wall explode in shards.

I made the texture for the fire cracks in painter using a base alpha.


and here is the material for the cracks.

Time for the final entry, since last time I haded some detail to the effect ans bit of camera shake. It was fun to make and hope you will like it .

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