Chinese VFX Awesomeness



Here is the newest free tutorial of this effect form CGjoy.

Download link:
Please click in the download link and enter the password
The password:p2c9
And maybe you should use the software name Baidu cloud network disk to download it.


I can send you some lessons,your e_mail


is it possible to get some of those lessons as well?


This tutorial has a verification mechanism 。。。


VFX not just real time but welcome anyways


Is anyone still able to access this link? I swear I was able to open it on Saturday, but it seems like my IP is blocked now :frowning:


o dang. broken for me too :^(


translates as “the content is prohibited access”


i still have access to the site

。。I am also a special effects designer from China, welcome to communicate


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


I am a Real Time VFX art from china.


Welcome! Glad to have you here :smiley:


This site has been logged out


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Seems to be. As I @Lurenjia mentioned, Cokey and some others have now founded, teaching much of the same content.