Chaybi: Sketch #25 Heal



Hey everyone! The work coming out of this sketch is already looking amazing and I figure it’s time for me to finally get in on the action.

I will be going with a heal effect. My main inspirations for this so far are from the item redemption and @ShannonBerke’s work on Neeko both within League of Legends.

The goal is to have an aoe heal that builds up for an initial heal then an additional heal for every second of its lifetime.

I will be posting my progress through the comments as well at my current progress here, Good luck and have fun everyone!

Current State:


This was my first pass to get my thoughts in order. I wanted to see what i could do with a plant/flower theme so here we are with a blooming flower of sorts. :slight_smile:

I used @ShannonBerke’s uv wizardry to make the flower bloom. Although its almost very hard to see with the pop I feel like it still makes it spawn slightly nicer.


I’ve added a secondary colour, bursts of petals as a starting indicator for the ticks of heal, as well as a slight delay to the initial burst for a bit more oomph. :sunflower:

I’ll be working towards making the ticks more readable now. An idea is to make a petal disappear or fade from the ground texture after a burst to indicate the ticks and time left. I just need to think of the best way to approach this properly. I currently have a fade as a timer but feel like doing it petal by petal would work a lot better:


Made some more progress! Added some quick floaties and wispies to get a feel for some secondary elements. Also added more bursts to the flower making a rose type pattern with each burst :slight_smile: