Career advice needed

Hello everyone, very nice to be in this community, it’s super helpful for just started vfx artists as I do. I’m sorry for a long post but maybe it would be helpful for other artists in the same situation.

In the past, I mostly did 3d motion design for commercials and events. For some time now I thought about changing my industry towards realtime vfx. I’ve had experience with a couple of small UE4 commercial projects, for VR, and sold some environment assets on Unreal Marketplace. Nowadays with the market having tough times during epidemic and stuff, I’m thinking it’s time to finally realize my idea of becoming vfx artist.

So I have a couple of questions regarding future career opportunities:

1. Is it possible to find remote work as an vfx artist?
2. Is it a good idea to sell vfx packs on Unreal Marketplace? Is time investment in the creation of content will pay off?


Hi @Max_Kutuzov! Welcome! :blush:

Answering your questions:

  1. Yes! Absolutely. Infact, most real-time VFX artists I know are currently working remotely!

  2. I can’t tell from experience, but essentially you’ll get paid based on the value you’re offering. Craft an awesome VFX pack and it will sell, for sure!

Don’t be afraid to try new stuff. I feel like you made a right decision by creating an account and introducing yourself! We’ll be around if there’s anything you need. :sparkles:


It’s super inspiring, thanks a lot!

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