Car Explosion Test



Car Explosion

Hello RTMVFX Community, this is my first vfx experience in Unreal.

Smoke, Explosions, Car sim was done in Houdini.
Rest was done in Unreal.

Any feedback and Critique are welcome.


really good start! i find it a bit weird that the smoke contracts at the end…maybe you can overcome this by letting the particles raise up a little bit over time and also let them grow a little bit. some bigger pieces of the car flying away during the explosion could make a nice contrast (a dark part in front of the bright fire cloud).


Thanks man! Yes, ill keep it in mind, I also have some feedback from out channel on discord, gonna fix this soon!


Nice work so far!

My only feedback is your explosion smoke could do with lingering much longer after the initial burst, some movement upward and away (asif wind is pushing it) and perhaps less rounded shape to the explosion so its abit more interesting - got me wanting to do a car explosion now! look forward to seeing more :slight_smile:


Thanks for a feedback mate :slight_smile: Probably I need resim and re render whole seq of explosion for longer fade out effect because right now I increase speed of play texture 2 times, but Ill do this)

#6 I’m back :slight_smile: Solve round shape at the end of explosion (I spawn only 2 particles for this, increase amount to 10 fix this I think), also fix suction effect, more smoke and fire! Also add fire to one of rolling wheels for making composition more rich. Anyway await your comments guys!


Yeahhh much nicer - explosion looks good - will still be really nice to have some lingering smoke from it - could you take some of the flipbook for the explosion - the smoke only, and have that emit just as the explosion begins to fade to fake it lingering for longer?

Otherwise nice work man, maybe some more debris from the car would add to it too but I would check some reference incase I’m wrong their :slight_smile:

(Also watch your overdraw if your worried/want to take perf into consideration, not saying you do but you may!)


Hellyeah! Idea with flipbook from explosion are awesome! I’ll do this for sure! And yeah I think about some additional debris as well, just to add more interaction with ground.
Thanks again, I’ll back soon :slight_smile: