Can't use 'Tab' when writing post

It seems that I can’t use the ‘Tab’ key when writing posts? It just changes where my cursor is. is that an issue with the site’s software? or is it just me?

Hmm, if I understand, you’re saying that pressing tab while typing moves the selection over to the next page element, outside of the text box, but you’d rather it actually create 5 spaces into your paragraph like in a normal text editing app?

Or the other way around? I don’t think I’ve ever seen an in-browser text editing that allows the tab key to be used (just did a sanity check in Google Inbox) - they pretty much universally move the focus over to the next interactive html element.

If you can point me to an example somewhere that behaves the way you’d like, I’d love to see if we can replicate it here somehow though!

Yeah, you are completely right. I guess I never really notcied that you couldn’t really use the tab key on any web form :slight_smile:

Mostly I just wanted to copy paste some code into the form and just tab it in so that it had the correct formatting, so if there, but it was only problematic because I was copy/pasting form a file that already had a bunch of indentations.