Call For Entries: 2019 GDC Reel


We need your best VFX videos for the 2109 GDC reel. The reel will be part of a video loop shown at the community meetup event at GDC after the VFX boot camp. Last year I just pulled everything I could find off of this site because I threw it all together last minute but this year I would like to clean it up a bit.


Submit work you would be proud to share with the world and will represent the community well. Sketches and behind the scenes work are welcome as well as final effects in game. Anything that reflects the talent, creativity, and skill in this community.

Clip resolution of 1080 or 720 please.

If you want credit in your video clips please add it clearly but discreetly in the bottom right hand corner (see attached image for reference).

Post all links to clips in this thread.

Links posted after Feb. 28 may not be included in video.


Here’s a clip of the RTX cinematic we did for CES. Boom Dropbox - SOL_CES_2018_1920x1080.mp4 - Simplify your life

We should totaly get a compilation of the vfx sketch winners in here though. If the winners and @NateLane are ok with that ofc.


Of course! I’m not familiar with how this reel works, but I think if winners want their content in the reel that would be really cool!


I’ll try to do a proper HD capture of my hologram FX :smiley:

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Yeah we should really highlight the sketches in its their own montage.

I’m a total lurker who spends more time on the Facebook group than the website, literally just created an account on the forum (hi!)

Here’s my entry:

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Here’s a clip of some lava studies I finished earlier this year! Would be cool to throw in there Unreal Study: Lava on Vimeo

I don’t know if its good enough, but I’ll try

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Really the only two major pieces I’ve put time into this year:


Nothing quite new to share yet, but here is my demo reel. Next GDC, I am sure I will have more. :slight_smile:

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Alright so as a follow up on the last post, here’s some of the cooler looking results from the sword slash sketch that I did.

And something I’ve been working on lately:

Hopefully that’s usefull for the gdc reel in some way.

Also @Markiepoo : will we get to see the reel on the forum or is it exclusively meant to be shown at the event?


Sound interesting! I`ll try.
It is my honor, if I could participate in this.

Here is my reel 2018

Another stuff that I`m proud of in the past year.



I don’t know if its good enough, but I’ll try


Probably not good enough, but i’ll try too


Great stuff keep it coming!

This is the sketch I did for December-January:

Some explosions:


Here’s a clip of mine:

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Hi Everyone ,

Here is a Showcase video of a Shader i’m playing with last days.

Here is an HD link : Dropbox - Okeys_Shaders.mp4 - Simplify your life