Call For Entries: 2019 GDC Reel



Vase Destruction for December-January Sketch.
Everybody have fun at GDC! :slight_smile:


Two different scenes with an ocean shader I did at the end of last year.


i’ve not had a chance to do loads this last year but i quite liked my wall destruction sketch :slight_smile:


Would’ve loved to have something new to show but here’s an old effect:


It took me some time to deliver, but here it is !


I’ll get to this when I get home tonight


I love this topic so much already. The Sketch Winners reel is a fantastic idea, but will require a bit of leg work that I’ve been scared of. Let me see if I can compile a set of permissions (and change our EULA to make sure future submissions allow this). @Markiepoo are you handling video editing? If I can get you the videos, can you compile them for us?


loopable youtube version (only has a minor stutter if you right click in youtube and set to loop):

I made this wallpaper thingy in Unreal Engine 9 months ago. You can download it on Steam for Wallpaper Engine ( Also checkout the other versions, because on some PCs the mp4 had some stuttering issues).
It has 23,200 Subscribers, 5 Stars with 358 ratings and 512 people marked it as favorite, which is pretty sick considering I have no friends and just dropped it there :blush: These numbers also mean it was #1 on the technology category for many month and is still on #5 in the technology category for this year.


Photofinish! @Markiepoo, please check yer PMs for the DL link! Thank you! :smiley:

Oh. Nice stuff everyone! ;D


Glad I saw this right before the deadline, here’s my latest piece!


Here’s a thing I did last weekend that I think looks cool:

Also my entry to the shield sketch:

And some serene ocean waves:

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s work at the meetup, and celebrating this awesome community together :slight_smile:


My latest real-time music visualization. “Raindrops” Still a work in progress, but it incorporates Maya Bifrost fluid sims, openVDB, and alembic caches into Unity. Feel free to include any part of it.



Can you upload at 1080?


I think the contests will have their own video:)


OK ,
I will send you a link later.
Thank you
I uploaded to the network disk


I’m so proud of my PixelatedFX