hi, i was hoping someone could give me some C&C on this healing VFX I made, I have mainly based it off kingdom hearts cure spell, all the vfx’s u see are placeholders until I get the right feel for the transition of the VFX’s (if that makes sense), I would like to know if this looks and feels! like a healing VFX

ezgif.com-resize (4)

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Really nice blockout! Direction is defenitely awesome! I think it reads as a heal for sure. The colors are already hitting in what I would think a heal would look like.

A bit prescriptive, but to make it even clearer that it’s a heal, or for an established language of a “heal”, you could try incorporating some sort of upward motion bits as the healing takes place. At the same time, it is nice that this reads already as a heal without something super tropy like that. It’s looking great!

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I really like it! But the healing orb floating to the subject bothers me. It’s too linear for my tastes. What is its weight? If it’s moving quickly consider adding some stretch. If it’s lighter, give it some sway. When I see the ground impact it gives off a raindrop vibe so study how liquids move when gravity is affecting them. My favorite part is the rose that spawns from above. Did you color it in your 3D program or are those two separate meshes (the leaves rotating)?

the leafs are rotating but i might ditch that, the textures are not my mine i just grabbed them from google, this is all a block out to see wat it would look like before i had detail in, but i like the water droplet idea,