Broot: Sketch #28 [WIP]

Hello everybody, I really wanted to get some good practice in so here is my feeble attempt! If you have any feedback for improvements please let me know, I really want to try and make something decent :). I’m trying to draw my own textures as much as possible, so that I get comfortable designing/creating shapes with my own hands.

Added an uber simple mesh animation, although it really doesn’t feel like a mesh since it has energy like textures xP.

To Do
Maybe a bit more mesh development or some other detail adjustments, but other than that I’ve kind of hit the point where I’ve hit a wall. cx

Added a birth/death part, and a tiny bit more detail to the looping anim.

I want to add some mesh animations, it is after all supposed to be a ‘gate’ of some sort - I started out with a portal like effect because was a simple idea I can grab onto. I haven’t done too much mesh animations before so wish me luck :stuck_out_tongue:.


The left is supposed to be the portal itself, and the right is supposed to be the start of the portal (not much work done for it yet).

Here are the textures I’ve used - drawn in photoshop.


I wasn’t able to post in Events for some reason, so I am posting this here. I apologize in advance if I’m breaking any serious rules.
EDIT: Ty for moving to Events!