Borna Andersson: Sketch #43



So my plan is to do this whole effect in Niagara so I can leave cascade behind me :smiling_imp: Want to give it a build up and then it recharges again for final blast, destroying all in its path.

Just a thought for my dissipation! Im thinking of turning it into a black hole, so everything that gets blasted also get sucked back into it.

Going to work on the acutall planet/star in the middle now.

Managed to get this result with two textures and simple shaders


So been working on the planet/Star. Made in Substance Designer. Applied some wobble offset on it but will see if I keep it.

Started with the black hole aswell, need some alterations and refine but I followed this tutorial for the base by Dean Asford

Going to do some work on the anticipation now. Planet is going to travel through the black hole and appear

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Have not had so much time to work on this but hopefully I will have something decent by wensday.

Alot of work left and will keep working on it after the deadline :slight_smile: