Boot Camp Foodz and Beerz!

Huge thanks to our sponsors SideFX, PopcornFX, and Rigging Dojo for supporting the joint Tech Art / VFX evening of fun* at GDC after the boot camps!

FB Invite here: Tech Art/VFX Gathering

Please keep this invitation within our community - the event has a constrained max occupancy and we want to be sure folks that love VFX & Technical Art are able to attend.

See you at the VFX Boot Camp!

(calling this the “evening of fun” to distinguish it from the annual VFX Mixer which is Thu. March 2nd from 6 - 8 at the St. Regis Lobby Bar. TWICE THE VFX PARTY FUN this year.)


So excited! what kind of occupancy constraints are we talkin’ about? Are we gonna see what happens when you get a highly concentrated mixture of VFX and Tech Artists up close and personal for extended periods of time? Sounds exciting!

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So much VFX love, can’t wait for GDC!

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Sounds explosive…It’ll be a splash…a whirlwind…a hit…other puns…


what kind of occupancy constraints are we talkin’ about?

I believe it’s ~85 people? Or thereabouts (keep in mind this is for both boot camps: tech art and vfx)

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