[Beta] Ultimate GPU Particle System


Hey guys,

Im new here so please be gentle :wink:

I just wanted to share my work with you: a GPU based particle system for Unity 3D. I know they announced
their own VFX Graph with the new scriptable render pipeline, but it uses compute shaders which kind of excludes most mobile devices. My tool however only relies on “normal” HLSL shaders to do the calculations and I think I got some cool results so far:

Portal Sun Nest

If you want to test it out, you can check out the demos i’ve put together: HD | MOBILE

I plan to release this on the Asset Store soon as a Beta so I can continue working on it. What do you think?
Some guys on the Unity forum mentioned, that it might be obsolete in a bit, but I think the SRP, Shuriken and this can co-exist.


Looks neat! How do you author effects using these shaders, do you write your own HLSL fragments or is there an authoring tool?

Hey Chris, the calculation of the particles is done under the hood and you don’t have to worry about what’s going on. I made an editor that looks a bit like shuriken editor for ease of use. As for the particles itself, Im providing an über shader that supports (hopefully) all features you usually use with particles. But it is also possible to change that shader for one of your own, but then you have to include a specific vertex program to make the particles work again, since the vertex position I go does not come from the mesh anymore.

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UGS got released yesterday and I wonder if I could improve it somehow. I’m giving away free vouchers in exchange for some professional feedback. If you are interested, please PM! I’d appreciate your help.

PS: Here’s the documentation: LINK

And a screenshot of the Editor (partial):

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Just updated the tool with a ton of new features:
-Mesh Particles

  • Mesh Emitter
  • Mesh Target
  • Texture Emitter
  • Sprite sheet flip book with motion vectors
  • Surface shader support
  • Collision with planes
  • Burst mode

Here are some more gifs.

Collision in editor

Ground collision with a portal

Flipbook/ sprite sheet effect with and without motion vector blending

Mesh emitter and target

Texture emitter