Best way to promote indie game

Hi all

We are already 99% finished our indie game. First release will be on iOS. 2nd for Steam (PC). Anyone can tell about best way (cases) to promote game? I have lists of youtube and twitch bloggers and some list of game resources. Any ideas are welcome

ps: we are don’t want to work with publisher =)



I’d say use ALL the social media available. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, etc. Every platform can give you some visibility. And don’t hesitate, if you are willing, to monetize some ads. It is extremely powerful, especially on Facebook. :slight_smile:

Some teasers are a very good way to build up the hype. Make one or two videos, as well as a few illustrations, describing your game in a very short and interesting way. Riot Games is very good at that, for example, so I’d invite you to check out their teasers to get an idea.

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