Best place to start for ue4 VFX?

Hey there, I’m an independent game dev, and since I can’t get a team at the moment, I’ve decided to create my own VFX for my games. I want to learn the ue4 particle system and material editors inside and out, but I’m not sure where to start. Any suggestions?

Depends if you plan on making your particle systems with Cascade or Niagara

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Unreal Engine Intro to Materials Playlist:

This may be a good place to start, although it’s not specifically for vfx stuff. Goes over all of the concepts of materials in general.

A video on materials from Jason Keyser

The material he covers is free for download if you want to poke at things and follow along with what he’s looking at. There’s a link to it in the video’s description.


Unreal Engine Intro to Cascade Playlist:

Great place to start for Cascade as a particle editor.

Unfortunately, I haven’t watched any intro vids on Niagara yet, so I’m not sure I can point you to a video or playlist that I know will be good. Maybe someone else can chime in with one that they can vouch for.

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Adding to what Travis said, TharleVFX recently put out a great series on Niagara, and he also has a series on shader math, I’d highly recommend checking out his shader math videos if you’ve never touched shaders before.

Niagara Playlist:

Shader Math Playlist:


@Travis Thank you so much! The Intro to Cascade was perfect for me, and I’m starting to get the hang of it :slight_smile:

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@cyberafterlife also thank you! I’ll look into niagra after I get the hang of Cascade :slight_smile:

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