Beginner looking for feedback

Hey everyone! I hope I am at the right place for this post.
I have started getting into Vfx in UE4 a few weeks back and I’m looking for some feedback.
While working on a little arcane explosion for the past couple of days, I have run into a problem. While creating a playblast I noticed the particles behaved a lot different in my playblast compared to the effect in Engine, depending on the framerate I choose.
I will link the different versions here.
30 fps:

120 fps:

What is the cause of that? Did I do something wrong and if I did, how is the right way of doing things?


Any other Feedback on the effect itself is higly apprechiated aswell :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you Guys so much for your Help!

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This is probably due to using the point attractor. Most physics related systems are framerate dependent so when they check the difference from last frame (or use that to guess next frame) it can be vastly different based on frame rate.

I would rethink the effect a bit if you don’t need dynamic physics. Specifically setting velocities over time, using animated materials on cards, or vector fields are some quick ideas.


Thank you so much for your answer! I don’t have a lot of experience with vector fields, I only try them out one time as they came up in a tutoriel.
But I will try to replicate the effect with that method!

An other thing I found out just now is, if I use an Gpu particle and a Point gravity the problem is not comming up.
I don’t know if this is a good fix or if this is an total overkill for that few particles.
Thank you again for your answer!

That’s pretty cool about the GPU particles not being frame rate bound, I did not know that.

You can check performance but the attractor is probably not that big an issue with the type of game you are making performance wise. I tend to avoid physics based components for effects i want to look the same every time though.

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Glad you found a solution for your fps issue… thought I’d link this for you as you might find it interesting as it seems you may be going for a charging up effect followed by a release of energy…

Luos’s videos are really good and taught me a lot when I first got into UE4 particles… I still go back to his videos now, especially his speed creates…

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Thank you!
I will take any help I can get :slight_smile: especially for things like timing and energy flow, I think I’m still quite bad at it.
It was my first “completed” effect and I would do so many things different now. :slight_smile:
But nevertheless I really appreciate the feedback and am graceful that you sharing the tutorial with me!
Thank you again, I already found so much useful things here!

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