Basic VFX knowledge!

Hi Guys!

I put a post up on the jobs section yesterday just to introduce myself as a VFX recruiter in the industry but it was understandably taken down as I didn’t purchase an advert! I have introduced this site to the relevant people who deal with that at OPM Response and they are looking into possibly sorting some adverts out as we have some fantastic roles live!

But with this post I want to totally move away from the recruitment aspect! I want to focus on trying to develop my VFX knowledge and was wondering if anyone knew anywhere I could look to help develop my knowledge. Be great to get some reading materials or videos I could watch to help me become more knowledgeable as VFX? As this is something I am passionate about!

Thank you in advance!



This article by @phrancisco pretty much describes what vfx artists do:

And @Partikel Adreas’s article also highlights some good stuff!

I think those are a great starting point, considering that a year ago, there was barely any good info on vfx :slight_smile:


Awesome, thank you for sending that through I will have a good read/watch!

Thank you :slight_smile:

I think this is the most relevant material I’ve ran into:
It covers a lot of the fundamentals, and their approach to vfx is kinda low-tech but masterful which is a great example

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Ran into this a few weeks ago:

Seems to be wide enough for a non game developer to understand, while still explaining the basic concepts we use in vfx.


Thank guys! I really appreciate all comments and advise I will take a look and have a good read through!

Just wanna’ say I’m starting out so these are all useful for me. Thank you!

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Hello Declan,

It’s cool to see you there !

You can take a look on the @Keyserito 's playlist on Youtube which describe a behind the scene of League of Legends effects in a very sweet approach !