Bady Mebarki : The Great Transmutator Challeng #WIP

Hi !
I will participate at this cool contest and posting my WIP here.
If you have any feedback or question do not hesitate :slight_smile: !

For the moment it is nothing original but I will improve it …


Nice! Are there only one particle system there? It looks pretty seamless.

I’m assuming UE4?

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Cool! How do you distribute the particles over the human? Are they looking for vertices or is it just randomly over the mesh, or?

Good luck with the challenge!

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@Agilethief Thanks ! It’s PopcornFX and there are a layer per animation. I use the “OnDeath” event. When the particles are dead this active the event than spawn particles at the same position but with a different behavior.

@CellarPhantom I use the “mesh sampler” of PopcornFX. So the particles are randomly placed over the mesh.