Austin Houdini User Group Meeting (9/26)

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to plug our first houdini user group meeting in Austin. It’ll be Sept 26 and it’ll be mostly a social gathering of fellow Houdini users and the plan is to have a mix of social events, training and other activities down the line.

We’ll have special guest Ben Mears who is the Community Manager for SideFX handing out swag and it should be a good time. We’ll also have drink tickets and provide some food, so swing by if you’re in town!


I wish I could get my hands on Houdini :frowning:
If I had any experience with it I’d stop by.

Stop by anyways! This is just a social event to meet people in the industry that might be curious about Houdini. There are quite a few people showing up with no Houdini experience.

Also, you can download Houdini Apprentice, which is free from Download | SideFX :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ll stop by then :grinning:

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These are events I cant wait to soon take part in :slight_smile:

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Update: John Moncrief from PluralSight (and great Houdini instructor) will be attending and giving a little talk and some swag. Swing by, get a Houdini shirt, some drinks and meet some fellow developers.

Don’t forget to RSVP so we can get a good idea of what to bring.

Hello, I’m really new to the site. I moved to Austin, Texas a few months ago and I’m currently taking courses in Houdini (through Udemy.) Is it okay for anoob such as myself to join the social event?

Doh! in my exuberance to meet VFX Houdini users I failed to notice this was a two year old post! Is the group still active?