Atif's Journal - Realtime VFX

Hi everyone,

It’s been some time since I have posted any of my new work. I am excited to share my VFX journal here. This will include some of my previous work as well as some recent fun work I have done.

Animation Model Run

This was the first attempt initially to attach particle effects with biped animation. The animation was created in 3D Max.

Some Fireworks work

Early Dragon Fire

Stylized Explosion: Solider 76

This was the first attempt at stylized explosion inspired from Overwatch character Solider:76. After the initial pass, I couldn’t do much work on it later on but this was the look from the first pass :slight_smile:

Junkrat Frag Launcher Explosion

This is my recent work. Stylized Explosion, Inspired by Junkrat’s Frag Launcher in Overwatch game. Collected feedback from some artists on the first pass and did 3 to 4 passes to create this final shape. It was done without the use of flipbook. I improved the shader for it to achieve the required level of masking.

I shall keep updating this journal with more effects and current work. Would love to have feedback. Thanks

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Awesome man! Keep making rad stuff! That Junkrat explosion is so good, nice work! If you softened the shock wave edges on the soldier 76 version it would read less jittery (things in motion should have a fake “motion blur” effect added to them otherwise things get strobey if they are sharp. Always think: “what would this look like if the engine had motion blur on everything moving” and paint your textures like that.)

Looking forward to more!! :yum:

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Hi Nate, Yup That solider 76 got a lot of feedback from you before as well. I am excited to take it more closer in due time. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, I am sharing another Biped animation with effects. Some early work.