Atif: Sketch #5 WIP

Hi everyone,

Here is the preliminary work on the pulse cannon. As said, Its in progress at the moment. Would love to have your comments and feedback :slight_smile: Thanks


Looks really cool.

Maybe some anticipation before it fires? I would also make the original flash fade faster, Instead of dissipating it togetter with the smoke :smiley:

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Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: Yup, I am working on the flash and glow at the moment to make it more believable.

Here is my next pass for Pulse Cannon. I have added anticipation before the pulse. Added flash and glow to the beam as well as improved the timing and behavior of all layers.

@Niels @NateLane @radm0bile @Sam


Looks awesome!

One thing I could think of is to try and introduce some color variation as there are elements in the center that kind of blend together because they are all similar color :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for the feedback, Yea, thats a cool idea, I shall see what I can do with the colors here :slight_smile:

Looking really cool man! All the elements are there. My first reaction is that the timing could be a bit punchier. How you do that is up to you. It’s not the same spell, but you can take a look at Lux’s R. It has a good pacing to it, with a punchy payout. Yours should feel different as it’s not the same effect (yours is a projectile, Lux’s is more of a insta-laser) but just something to keep in mind.

Overall your definitely on track man! My advice would be to just look at lots of reference of things you think have really nice timing and feel, and frame by frame, look at the amount of energy they have at any given point and how much time is passing. That build up, and release can be played off in many ways!

Another good reference I was just noticing that did this well is in League as well: pulsefire caitlin’s R

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Thanks a lot Nate for helpful suggestions, Glad you have liked the effort. Thanks for sharing the references, I have looked at them and your points about timing are critical, I will try to implement them in my final version.

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Hi guys,

So, I am now presenting the final version of the Pulse Cannon effect. As per feedback, I added color variation at the center core and added some layers in the front energy build-up to give the effect a punchier look.


Its been a very good journey. Thanks to @radm0bile @NateLane @Niels for some good feedback.