Anime Stylized VFX for Unreal Engine 5

Hi there! :gem:

I guess you weren’t expecting this one huh?

We’re bringing you some more Genshin Impact, Zelda Breath Of The Wild inspired Visual Effects in the UE Marketplace.

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The pack contains:

  • 31 unique VFX
  • VFX Arrow Projectile, Cast, Hit
  • VFX Basic Attack
  • VFX Slash
  • VFX Bomb Projectile, Spawn, Explosion
  • VFX Buff Cast + Loop
  • VFX Debuff Cast + Loop
  • VFX Dash
  • VFX Explosion Ground + Air (Omnidirectional)
  • VFX Ice Explosion Ground + Air (Omnidirectional)
  • VFX Fire
  • VFX Fireball Projectile, Cast, Hit
  • VFX Gunshot Projectile, Cast, Hit
  • VFX Heal Cast + Loop
  • VFX Lightning Cast, Hit, Muzzle, Range
  • VFX Pickup Cast + Loop
  • Customizable Niagara VFX Systems
  • Customizable VFX Selector
  • Sound Effects for each Visual Effect

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Compatible both with Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5! Oh, and also all build platforms of course: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Oculus, HoloLens, etc.

VFX developed by @Borniol :sparkles:
SFX developed by @Arklan :loud_sound: