Andreas Glad: Sketch #3 WIP

This one sounds like tons of fun. I hope I’ll find the time to participate this time. I’ve got an interesting idea. I’ve started blocking the concept out a bit :slight_smile:

We’ll see where this goes!
(Yes, the pig was turned into a southpark canadian so I could animate it. So what?! :smiley: )


that the best use of the Houdini pig I’ve seen yet!! :slight_smile:

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Some progress today. As you can tell, I’m going for a slightly different approach. I don’t know if it’s going to end up looking any good, but it’s a technique I want to practice :slight_smile:


I’ve started to work a bit on the unreal setup. Learning the new sequencer. What a lovely tool! Big step up from matinee.

Anyway, this is a first blockout of cameras and cuts. Hopefully it shows a bit of what I’m going for at least.


Looking very cool so far. Quite amused by the giant pig head breathing flame haha.

So far it’s kinda hard to see what the effect is, I’d encourage you to focus more on the effect first then the presentation (Env, character, camera work) after.

The fluid like flames in the second gif are looking quite flash but perhaps too big? That is the tendrils may be too large causing the rest of the scene to look smaller (Could also just be perspective thing though)

Regardless keep up the cool work :slight_smile:

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I disagree though. I\ve done enough on the effect to have a good idea of what it’s going to be. Working on the effect without context usually results in bland looking stuff. At least for me. Especially for something like this where I’m going for a cinematic look.

Anyway, I’m done with the scene blockout now so it’s time to start bringing the effect elements into game now :slight_smile:

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I give you a +1 for adding the extra touch of making it cinematic :slight_smile:

Well. I failed.

Or rather, my planning has fallen through. My intention was to make this sequence with a semi-static camera and then render out a fluid sim with deepdata to practice faux deep compositing. Unfortunatley, that takes a lot of time to render (and I’ve had a few too many crashes to find it exciting any more). Time is not something I have in excess these days (school started back up yesterday) so either, I’ll have to rethink, and quickly cobble together a “normal” effect, or I’m out of the challenge. :confused: Bad times.

This is what it looked like when I last managed to get a render out, while working on the shading.


For what it’s worth, this still is pretty rad man :). I can’t say I’ve ever created a fire breathing pig xD

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Ah hell. I don’t like to quit.

So I’ve started working on a version that’s using traditional techniques. There’s still a lot left to do, but I think this is a good place to break for the evening.



Got some more work done this afternoon. Most elements are there now. Just some small things, and distortion of course, missing. Then I can start polishing the effects.


This really turned out nicely! Are your main flames that shoot at the camera using a flipbook from a sim or is it all material manipulation of a static texture?

Thanks! Flipbook with some shader hijinks. I might update it a bit once I start polishing though.

coolio, can u sim a looped fire flame btw or do u have to arrange the frames on your own ? To the sparks they look quite life less with an easy velocity. I guess they would have to some turbulence ( force over lifetime/orbit module). Sorry if I am mistake but thats what I am seeing ^^ A little funny that the wood is not continue burning :slight_smile: the one which is facing the cam

I’m looping the fluid volume in houdini before rendering it out yes.
The sparks look better in the new version. The one above just had a quick and dirty vector field applied. I won’t use orbit since I can have a full on vectorfield these days :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll upload a new video later today

I’m debating setting the branch on fire or not. It’s so close to the camera the fire would need to be really highres to look good. It might be worth it though.

Not a huge update this time. I’ve massaged the colors a bit. Added a blue tint in the beginning and lightened up the smoke. I’ve also added a quick distortion wave. Not sure if I’m going to keep it or not.


This looks soooo amazing … I love it …

I like the dramatic exit the pighead takes :smiley: … like he is saying "Huhhhhh :unamused: "

Thanks! Yeah, I’m imagining him as really annoyed that the dude got away. He’s got this voice: :smiley:


Well damn. I didn’t really have time for that, but I got inspired to give the pigdragon some sounds and I kinda like how it turned out!


looking good andreas…

although it looks alike a really strong bloom setting, it means i cant see all the nice detail very well, Have you tried it with less bloom?

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