Andreas Glad - Battlefield 1 VFX Reel

There aren’t that many reels with realistic effects being posted here so I figured I’d throw my BF1 reel into the ring. It’s a short collection of some of the things I worked on during the project. It was a tough one, but an awesome one. Huge props to the DICE VFX team as this was obviously a team effort, and everyone touches everything at some point which is why you might see the same shot in several reels :slight_smile:

Edit: Adding image for thumbnail.


Absolutely incredible!

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Its great! Love the clouds :slight_smile:

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dayuuuum dude! really love all the atmospherics

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Killer work dude! Love everything about this

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Great stuff Andreas, I was wondering how you guys managed to make those clouds look so good yet play at 60fps! :sunglasses:

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I did a presentation about that!


How are the particles lit for the clouds? the battlefield 1’s clouds look great

Handplaced point/spotlights that only affects particles. So, bright orange lights on the front of thick clouds, no light on the back. Thin clouds where given an orange tint instead as if they were always lit through.

Very cool tutorial, Andreas. Im glad to see more people are heading down the Houdini route these days, especially for the realtime solutions.

wow! Awesome reel Andreas :smiley:

The expressions are hard to read even at maximum resolution. Maybe python readers have an easier time guessing.
Also, H16 seems very different, to myself, as a newcomer. Not everything “hooked itself up” but I may have done something wrong.

It’s VEX and expressions, not python.

The first (in the wrangle) one is f@moving = length(@v);
second (in the first delete) is @moving<0.7
The third (in the second delete) is @N.y = -0.9

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Thats some huge work! Kudos :+1:

Thank you for the video. This is super awesome and helpful!

This is heaven for a Battlefield Franchise fanboy here <3. Amazing work