All In 1 Vfx Toolkit, the best way to create VFX in Unity (VFX Course Included)

After more than 1 year of development All In 1 Vfx Toolkit is finally available.

The asset offers a lightning fast workflow, tools and awesome combinable effects to create beautiful VFX and particles that will take the visuals of your projects to a whole new level.
On top of that a Vfx course playlist is also included so that you can start creating awesome stuff with the asset as soon as possible.

I’ve learnt a lot from posts in this forum. So I decided to give back to the community by giving away some keys for the asset. If you think you’ll find the asset useful and you are willing to give some feedback in exchange of the key I’ll be more than happy to offer you one, just let me know :smiley:

You can take a look at the asset here: All In 1 Vfx Toolkit | VFX | Unity Asset Store


i was really looking forward to picking up that asset today but i came back only to find out it got removed damn

Me and the team messed up and included a handful of textures that we didn’t own. We got a copyright claim and the asset is currently disabled until it gets solved.

I’ve already talked with the owner of said images and we’ve removed them together from the asset while screen sharing.

So the copyright claim is solved.

But we are currently working really hard to create alternative versions of these textures and uploading the asset as soon as possible.

Hopefully you can expect the asset to be live again in a few days (everything will probably be ready tomorrow and from there it’s a matter of solving the issue with Unity).

Apologies and best regards

ah okay then i look forward to seeing it back om the asset store it looked really promising

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The asset is back up online :smiley: