Aligning Long Particles as though they were a LineRenderer

TLDR: Unity’s LineRenderers work like a charm when you want to have nicely aligned, long graphics. Think laser beams. I’m trying to get the same kind of render alignment working on a particle, but can’t seem to find the right settings.

A bit more detail. The project I’m working for is a RTS and I’m trying to get a lightning cannon to work. Like all weapons in the game, it’s got a particle system stuck to the muzzle. I’m trying to create a particle, that starts at the muzzle and displays my lightning with its texture sheet animation (it’s 2048x256). However, setting the render alignment of the particles to world, view, or velocity doesn’t roll the billboard at low viewing angles so that’s no good. Using view or directional alignment doesn’t fix the ends of the particle, only the pivot. I know I can move around the pivot, but it’s no good if the other end of the particle then flips around like crazy, when the camera moves…

You’d defenetly better to use ParticleSystem/Trails for this