Alca’s Sketchbook

Hello everyone! I´m Alca! I´ve been lurking here for some time, and after finishing my Uni´s intership I´ve decided to post.

This is some of the work I did in the intership (Don´t worry guys, I´ve got permission).

I´m still a newbie, but I´m invested in becoming a Technical Artist some day and shaders and effects are cool! So… Here we go!

(If something is not allowed / doesn´t work notice me and I´ll be happy to change it!)

If you´ve got any questions or feedback… I´m all ears!


I had to like this after I saw the last gif :joy:


Welcome to realtimevfx :smiley: cute work!

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Too cute :slight_smile:
Loved that little dust coming off when he scratch the ground.

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Residual fluids VFX 10/10 :joy:

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Thank you all for this warm welcome!

These are some of the other skills in the game!